Heavy Right Foot is the home of no-nonsense automotive apparel.

Our t-shirts and hoodies are made for genuine car enthusiasts, rally and race-goers... the people with restoration projects in their garages, the people up to their elbows in grease and oil every weekend, the people who live and breathe all things cars.

We’re inspired by vintage automotive objects; the kind of things you find at autojumbles. Things that have been designed to serve a purpose; and really used. Dirty oil cans, old workshop signage, battered tools and knackered car parts.

We were brought up believing that cars are so much more than mere tools to take you from A to B. They’re beasts with the ability to put a smile on your face and raise sweat through your pores.

So if you’ve ever stood at the side of a rally stage in the pouring rain, just waiting for the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up as the cars passed through - or thrown a hammer across the garage through sheer frustration, because the car you love hates you back, you’re not alone; you’re one of us.

Heavy Right Foot - built in the garage, engineered for speed.

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